Why Choose Surefloat?

  • Surefloat utilizes engineered product designs to ensure durability and strength
  • Surefloat is the only marine float company in the Northwest that manufactures products in a CSA and PCI/CPCI certified facility
  • Surefloat products are fully customizable, designed to specifically fit your needs
  • Surefloat’s concrete docks last 20+ years, more than twice the lifetime of any wooden dock

How is Surefloat eco-friendly?

  • Concrete is a haven for marine-life growth (Read Surespan’s Convention Centre Habitat Skirt success story)
  • Products are free from creosote-treated wood
  • Type 1 EPS foam used for floatation is environmentally sound
  • Products are precast off-site, where manufacturing waste and chemicals are properly disposed of far from sensitive marine eco-systems
  • Numerous options available to make products entirely sustainable